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By Coaching and Consulting we will spread the abundance of Knowledge and Skills with Entrepreneurs wanting to genuinely Grow a Sustainable profitable business


Partnering with entrepreneurs and their businesses in delivering Consistent Values and Growth Strategies enabling Profitability





My purpose is to coach entrepreneurs so that the knowledge they possess becomes a skill to empower themselves and their teams to achieve. This allows entrepreneurs and their teams to prosper, achieve and sustain themselves and the business. I have managed, lead businesses and teams nationally and internationally, from Corporate, Medium, Independents and Owner/Entrepreneur operated.

My successes are owed to the skills that I have mastered which has enabled me to empower entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, managers and teams to collaborate and achieve their goals. I have coached and mentored with the key focus being to spread knowledge which instills confidence and motivation resulting in an improved skill set and ability to achieve.

My ideal client is a Business Owner/entrepreneurs, who is seriously committed to change and wants to achieve a sustainable and profitable business for themselves , their families and their teams.

Coach Claude
Cellphone: 076 512 4157
Office: 0218305519


Forming a coaching business complimented my career and experience gained in general management. I have a strong desire and purpose to work with entrepreneurs and business owners in growing their business.

I have spent my working life leading and managing businesses, in Corporate, Medium, Independents and Owner operated. As the Business COACH, I inspire confidence and motivation to take ACTION, through a structured, individually paced system, setting goals, testing and measuring outputs, accountability, using the tools and systems learnt in my career. Every Business Owner needs to set goals, achieve a balanced lifestyle, enjoy financial security, from owning a successful business.

My ideal Client is a Business Owner, who recognises the need for change, wants to develop to their full potential, for their team, their suppliers, their Customers, and their families. My Vision is to expose as many Business Owners to our system, so they can appreciate the benefits for themselves and their businesses.

Coach Ian
Cellphone: 083 444 5317
Office: 021 830 5519

Business Model

  • CICC brings solutions to your Business challenges …
  • By spreading the abundance of knowledge and skills to Entrepreneurs wanting to grow a sustainable profitable business by focusing on …
    • Customer/Client relationships
    • Marketing & Sales
    • Operational Excellence
    • Systems – Financial acumen, Risk Management & Control
    • People & Leadership


we work with

Why would you want to go at it alone, when you can have a BUSINESS COACH who understands what being a business owner is all about.​
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